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We Joined the Forbes Business Council!

We are so proud to be writing this today to announce that our CEO and Founder, Amiee Ball, has joined the esteemed ranks of the prestigious, invitation-only Forbes Business Council!

Read more here about why Amiee was chosen as a Thought Leader

& Influencer by Forbes...

Entrepreneur Ecosystem powered by JAB Consulting Group is an award-winning consulting firm helping entrepreneurs and businesses increase profitability while be seen as industry leaders in their fields.

Founder & CEO, Amiee Ball has consulted businesses of all backgrounds, from Fortune 500 companies to startup entrepreneurs with vision.

Below are podcasts, interviews and publications where you can hear from Amiee herself and see how she approaches life and business.

Is the Entrepreneur Ecosystem Right for YOU?

See if our values match up! We've created a system of core values to empower all in our EntreVerse - from our members, to our advisors, to founders, and everyone in between which we live by our #ActUp hashtag on a daily basis and make it part of our world!

Toxic people and attitudes are not welcome or tolerated within the Entrepreneur Ecosystem. Our ecosystem, events, and teachings are about growth, both in your personal and business lives.

ONLY AMBITIOUS ENTREPRENEURS OPEN & DEDICATED TO IMPROVEMENT ARE ACCEPTED. This means you must be willing to go ALL-IN on yourself and want people who are ready to invest in themselves and are brave enough to say, "I want to learn, I can't do this alone, and don't want to do it this way any longer."

Accountability. We own our decisions, speak with conviction, and don't make B.S. excuses.

Curiosity. Never stay satisfied with the status quo and keep learning. If you’re not a little curious about what something is and WHY something is, you probably don’t belong here.

Transparency. Authenticity breeds trust, from the clothes you wear to the words you share. We speak the truth. We believe in each other. Building trust requires confidence, faith, patience and effort.

Uplift Others. Lead with love & care about the people that have taken on this ambitious mission with you. It means doing the right thing for people, even when it is hard or when no one will ever know. Work toward an inspired vision of what can be.

Promises. We f*%king keep our promises. We know what should be prioritized and have boundaries. If we can't keep our promise, we don't accept the challenge.

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